Rusça Tercüme

Information about Russian

Russian, Slavic languages ​​in Europe and the largest of the most common languages.

Russian, and Sanskrit language of the Indo-European language, Latin language and has similarities to the Germanic languages. Overall, the old Slavic word while preserving the structure and different emphasis, especially in the modern Russian politics, science and technology, there are many foreign words. Politically significant languages ​​of the 20th century, is one of the official languages ​​of the United Nations.

Information about White Russian

White Russian, (byelaruska the move), also known as Belarusian, Belarus is the official language.

Russian Translation Service

Russian  Our translation; experts in the field, a minimum of 4 years of translation and interpreting graduates native  Russian  with or Russian  language interpreters are made ​​by our College on. An interpreter's daily Turkish  Russian and/or  Russian  Turkish capacity is approximately 20 to 25.000 characters (20 - 25 pages).

EDI translation Russian translation in accordance with the following topics in the field serves:

Written Documentation Translations - Translations

Russian web page translation and design and Computer Programs translations:  EDU Çeviri expert interpreters, and again EDU Grup on-site graphic designers and programmers consisting of our team with the latest technology, using software site all graphical interfaces and contains all the text with are translated.

Russian Commercial Translation - Translation:  Contracts, banking, finance, operations, commercial proposals, documents, international commitments, contracts, reports, feasibility studies, presentations, surveys, meeting minutes, laws and regulations, import - export correspondence, business letters, etc., written translations, Our translators are performed by experts in their fields.

Russian Technical Translation - Translation:  about higher education and its branches by our specialized translators, Automotive, Automation, Hydraulic and Pneumatic, Mechatronics, Energy, Agriculture, Food, Banking, Shipping, Telecommunications, Software and Computers. Electricity, General Electronics, Communication Equipment, Textiles, Chemicals, Construction, Architecture, various Production Machinery, Medical Equipment, Air - Motor vehicles and machinery. Agricultural, Environmental, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, Medicine, Economics, Law, Textiles, Quality Assurance and Quality Management Systems, Security Systems, Civil Engineering, Cartography and Cadastre and technical matters like this, your documents are translated.

Russian Medical / Medical Translation - Translation: about higher education and its branches of our specialized translators and of doctors with our expert staff Anesthesia, Biostatistics, Internal Medicine, Dental Medicine, Toxicology, Diagnostic, Endocrinology, Endoscopy, Chest Diseases, Eye Diseases, Public Health, Cardiology, Microbiology, Orthopedics, Pathology, Clinical reports, research and articles, medicine and pharmacy organizations introductory texts and brochures, medical product licenses and patents, medical device company that sells introductions and such technical issues, your documents are translated.

Russian Legal Translation - Translation:  about higher education and its branches of our specialized translators by the Power of Attorney, Property Purchase and Sale Agreements, Legal Agreements, Court Documents, Business Proposals and Contracts, Employees - documents related to the general regulations and laws into Turkish and the Russian-language, in the trial court and the subsequent translation services are provided.

Russian Scientific and Academic Translation - Translation:  Books, Theses, and academic research assignments in such matters, often university academics and students is our translation service offered.

Russian Literary and Artistic Translation - Translation:  about higher education and their branches specialized by our translators, Articles, Poetry, Novels, Theatre in such matters literary texts and books into Turkish and the Russian language  to be translated covers.

Oral Translations - Translations

Russian Consecutive Interpreting - Translation:  This service options, pausing after a few sentences in the speaker, the interpreter translated the notes taken so far allows for the transfer. Does not require special equipment and simultaneous translation as compared to the more affordable and burdensome for small business meetings, police queries hearings, and related services are ideal for telephone interviews.

Russian Simultaneous Translation - Translation: the speaker's utterances simultaneously target language by an interpreter and translator rooms or cabins, custom audio systems using system service is to be transferred to the audience. Foreign companies or individuals made ​​with the meeting, conference, seminar or a variety of organizations through a professional interpreter you need Simultaneous Translation services are available in all languages.