Chinese Translation Services

Our Chinese Translations are done by translators who are specialized in their field, have graduated from a minimum four-year translation and interpreting program and are natively Chinese or specialized in the Chinese language. A translator’s daily Turkish/Chinese and/or Chinese/Turkish capacity is approximately 20-25,000 characters (20-25 pages)

EDU Çeviri provides services in Chinese translations in accordance with the subject headings below:

Written Documentation Translations

Web site translations and designs and computer programs translations in Chinese: your web site is translated, including all the graphic interfaces and the texts it involves, using the latest technology software by EDU Ceviri‘s specialized translators and our staff in EDU Group which consists of designers and programmers.

Commercial Translations in Chinese: Written translations, such as agreements, banking, financial transactions, trade offerings, documents, international undertakings, tenders, reports, feasibility, presentations, research, official meeting reports, laws and regulations, import-export correspondences, business letters are done by our specialized translators.

Technical Translations in Chinese: Your technical documents in automotive, automation, hydraulic-pneumatic, mechatronics, energy, agriculture, nutriment, banking, navigation, telecommunication, software and computers, electric, general electronics, communication devices, textiles, chemistry, construction, architecture, different production machinery, medical devices, air, land vehicles and machinery, agriculture, environment, mechanical engineering, chemistry, medical science, economics, law, quality assurance and quality management systems, security systems, civil engineering, cartography and land registry etc. are translated by translators who are well-educated and specialized in their fields.

Medical Translations in Chinese: Your technical translations in Anesthesia, Biostatistics, Internal Diseases, Dentistry, Toxicology, Diagnostics, Endocrinology, Endoscopy, Pectoral diseases, eye diseases, public health, Cardiology, Microbiology, Orthopedics and Traumatology, Pathology, Clinical reports, research and articles, publicity texts and brochures of Medical and Pharmaceutical Foundations, licenses and patents of medical products, publicity for firms that sell medical devices, etc. are translated by our specialized staff, consisting of well-educated and specialized translators, and doctors.

Legal Translations in Chinese: Translations of Power of Attorney, Immovable Sales-Purchase Agreements, Legal agreements, Court documents, Business proposals and agreements, Documents about employer – employee relations, Regulations and Laws into Turkish or from Turkish to Chinese by our well-educated and specialized translators. Consecutive Translation services are provided in Courts and Court Hearings.

Scientific and Academic Translations in Chinese: Our translation service is generally provided for university academicians and student books, thesis, homework and academic research.

Literary and Artistic Translations in Chinese: Translations of literary texts and books, such as articles, poems, novels, dramas etc. into Turkish or from Chinese by our well-educated and specialized translators.

Oral Translations

Consecutive Translation in Chinese: In this translation service, after uttering a few sentences, the speaker stops and enables the translator to translate and transfer the notes he/she has taken up to that point. This kind of translation is ideal for small business meetings, inquiries at police stations, court hearings, telephone calls and accompanying services as it doesn‘t require special equipment, is reasonably priced and is easier than simultaneous translation.

Simultaneous Translation in Chinese: This service involves translating speech in real time, as it is spoken, and transferring it to listeners simultaneously by a translator using special sound systems, booths and cabin systems. The Simultaneous Translation Services are given in all languages. At meetings, conferences, seminars or different organizations to be held with foreign firms or persons, Simultaneous Translation Services are provided in every language you require by our professional translators.