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Professional English Translation Services

English, the second most spoken language in the world, is recognized as an official language of 67 countries. English is the most commonly learnt and spoken second language by non-natives. Cross-company correspondence, agreements and scientific publications are always in English, regardless of the country.

With our extensive network of linguists, we offer a wide range of services, such as localization, interpreting, subtitling, proofreading, content production, and notarized translation in English.

In addition to our professional translation services in English, we also provide machine translation services, a first in Türkiye. We provide email, reporting, business contract, technical document translation, website localization, international SEO and term base creation services for global companies. Contact us at any time to learn more about our English translation packages and services.


Would you like to work with specially selected teams for your English translation projects? We offer professional translation services for academic texts, technical, legal, medical and commercial texts and notary certified documents. You can also contact us to have your visa application documents translated. 


Would you like to give your guests the best welcome they deserve? EDU Çeviri offers its customers consecutive, simultaneous and whispered interpretation for all types of events and organizations. Optionally, we also supply our customers with interpreting systems for rent.

Artificial Intelligence Assisted Translation

We game-changed the translation the sector by bringing innovative technologies to the forefront. With the assistance of proprietary AI-assisted machine translation systems, we deliver high-quality results in language pairs such as English-Turkish and Spanish-Turkish. Optionally, we also provide our customers with post-editing services whereby unprocessed machine translations are worked on and delivered to high quality standards.

Stride confidently into the world with our English Localization Services!

It’s now a piece of cake to reach the masses! With our localization services, our clients get the opportunity to publish their websites, software, mobile applications and multimedia content in the language of their target audience and reach a much greater audience! 

We offer localization services with solution-oriented approaches that provide fast ROI. Our website localization team conducts activities that take search engines into account. Thanks to localization services such as e-commerce, software, video games, mobile applications and digital marketing content in English, you are enabled to reach wider audiences for your products.

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Do you have official documents that need translating?

We swiftly deliver notarized and sworn translations in English.

Elektronik tutarlılık

Do you have dozens of language projects to manage?

To increase the speed and quality of projects, we create a translation memory and a term database. Contact us for continuous quality in translation services.


Wonder how we achieve high standards?

We serve our customers with processes that fulfill ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality standards and our team of experienced language experts.

E-ticaret SEO

Do you need more than just translation?

As part of our creative solutions in English, we also offer more than just translations by providing creative translations, content creation and international SEO tailored to your target audience.

EDU Çeviri, the Number One Choice of Global Companies!

EDU Çeviri is the first choice of global companies with its industry-oriented approach and fast and practical solutions using the latest technologies!

We offer our services with our team of translators who have industry experience and with project managers who master the target group and fully embrace the company vision. We successfully serve many local and international companies with high-quality language services in many areas that require specialist knowledge such as law, medicine and technology.

Project follow-up is made easier

High quality standards

Translators with industry experience

Fast Solutions

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Client Testimonials

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“Our global company receives translation services from EDU Çeviri’s international offices. I would recommend EDU Çeviri to anyone, thanks to their new and practical solutions with their robust technical infrastructure and their kind and friendly approach to clients.”


“IKEA is pleased to work with EDU Çeviri for translation projects. We are able to produce great work together thanks to their ability to adapt to our language, their solution-oriented approach, readiness to take action and their uncompromising discipline.”

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“We have been working with EDU Çeviri since 2015 for our translation requirements. We are happy to work with EDU Çeviri and its outward-looking, dynamic, proactive, young and friendly team.”

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“First of all, we would like to thank you for your diligent work in coordinating and managing all of PwC’s translation projects since 2015. We see EDU, our first choice of a translation company, as an extension of our in-house team. I hope that our cooperation will continue in the new year on the basis of our continued harmony and mutual satisfaction.”


“We always get rapid feedback from you and you deliver our projects on time. We also thank you for always responding to our urgent, last minute translation requirements and hope that our partnership will continue.”


“Tırsan thanks EDU Çeviri for their collaborative approach and quality services for various translation projects in multiple languages.”

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“Protel Computer A.Ş. continues to work with EDU Çeviri on their journey to enter new markets. Taking ownership and always delivering on time, Edu Çeviri which has all the makings of a great translation company, deserves all of our sincerest gratitude.”

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“When working in hotel operations, I worked with certain advertising agencies and translation companies. And I do not remember working with a company that takes its job as seriously as you do. Congratulations. Could you please forward our gratitude to the translator who did this project?”

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