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Professional Polish Translation & Localization Services

Polish, the official language of Poland, is a West Slavic language with over 50 million speakers. Czech and Slovak are the closest languages to Polish. It also has similarities with languages like Ukrainian, Serbian, Belarusian and Russian. Polish is an important minority language in countries such as Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania, especially in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, where 26% of the population speak Polish.

We provide translation services in tens of language pairs such as Polish-Turkish and English-Polish. Our internationally certified translators and meticulously executed 4-stage QA processes ensure that we achieve high quality standards.


We work with teams of translators who are experts in their field for translation of Polish official documents, such as correspondence, e-mails, contracts, and scientific articles etc. Contact us for more detailed information.


We rapidly meet your interpreting requirements in Polish through our organizational processes. We rent out interpreting equipment for events like conferences and symposia with a high number of participants.

Post Editing

We offer post-editing services with local editors to make the best out of machine translation solutions. These services, which you can purchase for Polish, offer fast and reliable results, as well as low costs.

Polish Digital Marketing and Creative Services

Did you know that search engines use 93% of all website traffic? 63,000 searches are performed on Google every second. You need unique and creative content in the language of your target audience and International SEO support to have your share of that traffic.

With international SEO services, creative translation and content production services, we enable our clients to take full advantage of the possibilities offered by digital marketing in the target language. At EDU Çeviri, we offer a creative perspective on language services and help you to open up to new markets.

İçerik Yerelleştirmesi

Looking to lower your translation costs?

Post-editing and translation memories help reduce costs substantially.


Need reassurance?

We offer insurance of $50,000 for our language services provides in Polish and in all other languages.

Noter tercüman

Need your documents to be reviewed?

We offer solutions like proofreading and editing, quality assessment and DTP checks.

Akademik danışmanlık

Want to keep updated on your project?

You can get information about your on-going project whenever you want, thanks to the client portal.

Logistics Industry Translations in Polish

To ensure transport, storage, packaging, customs clearance and distribution processes run smoothly in the logistics business, communication must be flawless and any necessary documentation must be translated by professionals.  

At EDU Çeviri, we meet the translation requirements of the logistics industry with our teams of trained and experienced translators. In this way, we achieve the best results in logistics thanks to our linguists who know the industry, are acquainted with the workflows and are familiar with the requested documents.

Translators familiar with workflows

Teams of translators with industry training

Editors with industry experience

High quality standards in translation


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