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Professional Latvian Language Services

Latvian, a Baltic language, is the official language of Latvia. Transcribed using Latin letters, it has 2 million speakers. With its closest linguistic ally being Lithuanian, they are the only two Baltic languages. These two languages are among the oldest in Europe and have entered the present time well-preserved.

We fulfill your professional translation needs in Latvian at competitive prices. We offer language services with our team of trained and experienced local translators. Contact us for language pairs such as Latvian-English, and Turkish-Latvian at any time.


We offer medical, financial, legal, technical, literary, e-mail and academic translation services in Latvian. With special teams put together according to your requirements, we also offer notarized translations.


We offer interpreting services in Latvian for events attended by Latvian speakers. We offer consecutive, whispered, over-the-phone interpreting services and we supply customers with rented equipment.


We convert machine translations into high-quality translations. Thanks to projects reviewed by native editors, we are able to deliver highly accurate post-editing services.

Academic documents in Latvian

We work with specialist translators for academic articles, publications, books, theses and scientific research.

Translators who are familiar with research methods and have experience in writing theses and articles offer Latvian translation services for academic texts. We are aware of the importance of translation processes for academics, students and research staff. For this reason, we deliver fully edited and corrected files reviewed by academics.

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Would you like to receive regular updates about your project?

Would you like to receive regular updates about your Latvian project? You may get information about your on-going project whenever you want, thanks to the client portal.

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Need a review of your Latvian files?

Send us any texts with quality you are not sure about. Our QA processes improve translation quality by 60%.


How important is confidentiality for you?

We have strict confidentiality procedures and technical security measures in place. We have prioritized data privacy.

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We work with all file formats. This way, you can use your delivered files without delay.

Professional App Localization Services in Latvian

Localization projects are based on the target audience and the terms used on the platform. The main characteristic that distinguishes localization from translation is adapting the source text to the target language, and using the most appropriate expressions. 

Localizations for mobile apps are preferred to ensure the best adaptation process to the new language. In mobile app localization projects for Latvian, experts rely on examples from local applications, so users don’t even notice that the app is a translation.

Competitive prices

User experience in a new language

Project execution that ensures App Store and Google Play optimization

Get a fast return on your investments


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Industry-Specific Latvian Translation Services

There is no room for any errors in language services for industrial companies, enterprises, firms, SMEs and multinationals. Inspired by a zero-error approach, we have put together an expert team of translators.

Latvian industry-specific translations cover dozens of sectors such as manufacturing, food, automotive, aviation, education, import, export, logistics and life sciences. We create special teams for each project. Thanks to innovative solutions such as the customer portal that allows users to get updates about their projects, the creation and management of term bases, we have become a reputable translation agency for hundreds of companies in Türkiye and abroad.

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Client Testimonials

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“Our global company receives translation services from EDU Çeviri’s international offices. I would recommend EDU Çeviri to anyone, thanks to their new and practical solutions with their robust technical infrastructure and their kind and friendly approach to clients.”


“IKEA is pleased to work with EDU Çeviri for translation projects. We are able to produce great work together thanks to their ability to adapt to our language, their solution-oriented approach, readiness to take action and their uncompromising discipline.”

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“We have been working with EDU Çeviri since 2015 for our translation requirements. We are happy to work with EDU Çeviri and its outward-looking, dynamic, proactive, young and friendly team.”

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“First of all, we would like to thank you for your diligent work in coordinating and managing all of PwC’s translation projects since 2015. We see EDU, our first choice of a translation company, as an extension of our in-house team. I hope that our cooperation will continue in the new year on the basis of our continued harmony and mutual satisfaction.”


“We always get rapid feedback from you and you deliver our projects on time. We also thank you for always responding to our urgent, last minute translation requirements and hope that our partnership will continue.”


“Tırsan thanks EDU Çeviri for their collaborative approach and quality services for various translation projects in multiple languages.”

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“Protel Computer A.Ş. continues to work with EDU Çeviri on their journey to enter new markets. Taking ownership and always delivering on time, Edu Çeviri which has all the makings of a great translation company, deserves all of our sincerest gratitude.”

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“When working in hotel operations, I worked with certain advertising agencies and translation companies. And I do not remember working with a company that takes its job as seriously as you do. Congratulations. Could you please forward our gratitude to the translator who did this project?”

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