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Learn and Make Money at the Same Time!

As one of the leading companies in the translation industry, we are aware of the need for qualified translators in the sector. The internship program we prepared for the EDU Academy project gives participants the opportunity to learn about the dynamics of the industry and master the tricks of translation.

EDU Academy application steps

Send your CV

Send your CV via the contact form and write “EDU Academy” in the subject area.

Let us contact you

After a short evaluation, we will inform you regardless of the outcome.

Join the exam

Take the exam to enable us evaluate your linguistic competencies, grammar knowledge and fields of expertise.

Registration complete

If you are successful, we will bring you into the first program that becomes available.

EDU Academy is the first step into the industry as a qualified translation professional

You may be a new graduate climbing the career ladder, or someone with a good knowledge of English/Turkish and wants to try the translation industry. EDU Academy gives you all the privileges you need to acquire the much needed experience in the industry.

EDU Akademi katılımcılar

Who is eligible to join the EDU Academy?

Anyone who believes they can translate into English and Turkish can apply for the program. Applicants take a placement test in various subjects to assess their ability to translate into English from Turkish and vice versa, as well as their grammatical knowledge and skills in their areas of specialization.

Program Contents

In the EDU Academy, participants have the opportunity to learn theory from different perspectives and how to put them into practice through various training sessions in different areas, such as CAT tools (Computer Assisted Translation), an essential ingredient in translation training, and business processes.

EDU Akademi eğitim

What awaits you at EDU Academy?

Information about organizational structure and business processes in professional translation offices

Trainings on areas of expertise and terminological differences

The roles of language experts in translation: Training on translation, review, final reading and post-editing processes

Training on Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools, file formats and structures

Training on quality control processes and tools

Information about resources used in translation processes and information-seeking techniques

Proje yönetimi ve raporlama eğitimleri

Terminology list creation and translation memory management training

Translation Management Systems training

Training on the differences between translation, interpreting and MT post-editing processes

Training on the role and effects of desktop publishing and similar processes in translation

The opportunity to actively participate in long-term translation projects and observe the quality expectations of customers

Participation certificates and reference letters for successful candidates

Making additional income through working on actual translation projects at the third stage of the program

The chance to continue your professional career as a translator at EDU Çeviri if your linguistic skills shine throughout the training

Contact us for detailed information and to apply!

Do I need to pay a tuition fee to join the EDU Academy?

It is completely free of charge. The main goal of our program is to attract qualified language professionals into the industry.

Participants take an assessment test at the end of the basic training in the first month of the program. The program will then continue with the successful participants, while those who fail will leave without paying any fees.

Those who continue the program;

  • Participants who qualify to continue the program after basic training are required to participate for a period of 2 months. Participants who leave the program or fail to meet the requirements at this stage are charged for the initial month of their attendance.
  • Participants who wish to leave at the end of the third month are not be charged a fee. While those who continue will start to earn an income by working on actual projects.
  • Participants completing this 9-month program have the opportunity to continue their professional careers as full-time or freelance interpreters at EDU Çeviri.

EDU Akademi'ye katılım

EDU Academy Comments from Participants

Ayça Güzel


During my one-month time with the Edu Group, I acquired very important professional knowledge which I know will help me a lot in my current and future life as a translator. What I have learnt here is a milestone for me, since as a technical and literary translator I have chosen translation of as my future career. At the Edu Academy, I not only learn and grasp the subtleties of the translation profession in an in-house environment, but also have the opportunity to experience first-hand the skills required by the industry, such as speed, consistency and practicality. I thank all those involved for their invaluable contributions.

Çetin Büyüköğütçü


So far I had only been using Studio 2011 when translating. And it cannot be said that I was using it so efficiently. After starting to work here, I learned a lot about Trados2007 and SDLX. Thanks to the translations we did, I had the opportunity to learn the technical and legal terms that I had not yet learned, and I also had the opportunity to learn certain functionalities of the programs that I had been using which I did not really know before. In short, this training is an important opportunity both for prospective translators who have recently graduated, or for people who do not have a formal translation training but would like to know the translation industry and work as a translator.

Gökçe Başak Sadet

Gökçe Başak SADET

I used to work as a freelancer and when I came across this opportunity, I didn't want to miss out, so I applied. At the orientation meeting I realized that the program was exactly what I wanted. I had a good mind to take this up as a professional calling. It has already been a month and I already learnt a lot. Despite lack of any prior acquaintance with these two programs (Trados 2007 and SDLX), I can now use them very efficiently. I can translate faster and since we have done test translations in all areas, I can now choose better what words to use where. For me the program is very efficient and runs very well, I am satisfied in every respect.

İzlen Altan


As a graduate of the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, I would like to thank you for your much-needed professional guidance for the translating profession, as I did not acquire enough experience at university. You have given me access to a great deal of information about the technology-based translation tools used today, in addition to creating awareness about problems that can emerge during translation.

After being introduced to the programs Trados 2007 and SDLX, I realized how much time I had been losing doing translation with pen and paper or on a Microsoft Word file. I had no idea how useful these programs would be when translating. Thanks to you I have seen how fun translation can be using these programs, and how these programs can save me time.

I am very happy to be involved in the EDU Academy project and to have had the opportunity to work with friendly people.

Mehmet Ali Çelik

Mehmet Ali ÇELİK

As a graduate translator and interpreter, I wanted to plan a career in this field. The education at school was obviously theoretical, out of touch with the realities of work life. So I thought the education I received was inadequate. I applied to the academy believing that theory can only have meaning when it is applied to real life situations. When I applied earlier, I had been told that once I did the sample translations, they would start sending me commissions or I could start in summer; but there was always the potential for my initiation process to be spaced out over a longer period of time, and so I opted for this academy, which I believed was more in line with my expectations. Along with one-on-one computer training, it has also helped me shape and see more clearly the professional specialties I wanted to pursue through training in various areas. I can easily say that in a short time you have made a great contribution to my personal development by demonstrating your expertise.

Merve Erpak


It has been such a great transition for me. First of all, I started feeling at home with the idea of being a translator, which was a contribution of the course on a personal dimension. First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has been involved. I am also extremely happy to be here, to share in this pleasant environment. In a professional sense, I have seriously seen the benefits of the programs I have learnt/am learning. I realized how distant I had been from the sector before I came here. Now I'm learning everything from scratch and remembering everything that I pushed aside. I've come a long way. All my expectations, which I had before joining the program, were therefore largely fulfilled. I'm pretty hopeful about the future. For me, being here means doing something new, learning something new every day. It is the kind of program which I'm curious to see it finish, yet which I never want to see the end of. Many thanks to each of you, especially to Savaş and Burcu for their extraordinary patience and inexhaustible energy. Also Emre, for his friendly attitude and sincere support which made us feel at home during training. And Tufan for his technical support, patience, friendly attitude and vast knowledge he shared with us.

Murat Anılcan Çelik

Murat Anılcan ÇELİK

I applied to your ad on Kariyer.net. I read the introductory e-mail you sent me. The content of your program was close to my heart in line with my expectations to be in the translation industry, to work, to get to know the industry and to gain experience. I joined the orientation meeting. And afterwards, I decided to take the exam. I took the exam and I was admitted to the program. It has been a month now and I think the program is a great opportunity for me and I am very happy to have participated. I think it is a very useful program. I learn new things every day from our editors Savaş and Burcu and think that I am growing more competent professionally daily. I am also happy about what the office has to offer. This is all I can say for the first month. Thank you.

Şehnaz Yardım


When I first applied to Edu Çeviri as a translator, I wished I had done the training for this earlier. I was very pleased when I was invited to the Edu Academy in response to my application. Although it has been a month since the program started, I think that thanks to Savaş and Burcu I have learned a lot.

Thank you.

Sevilay Baydoğan


After graduating, I spent two years teaching English at the request of my family (one year in Spain, one year in Turkey). This was a very difficult process for me. At the end of the day, it was not something I had been trained to do. There were also translation courses at the department and these were the ones I enjoyed the most. During my teaching adventure (!), I realized that I could not tolerate this profession any longer and could not improve my professional skills, even worse my language skills were actually being corroded. So I went to a notary in Ankara near where I lived and signed an oath (which I found out later had very different procedures). I worked for 6 months as a sworn translator. I got commissions almost every day and to be frank I enjoyed doing it. So I decided that this was what I wanted to do. When I was browsing through the job advertisements, I happened to receive an email from Edu Çeviri about the Academy and applied. This was a big step for me, because this meant not only switching to a new sector, but also moving to a new city. But looking back now, I do not regret it. Especially when I consider the CAT tools I learned to use, I realize how far I have come. And because we have been introduced to several translation programs instead of just one, we are perhaps way more equipped than other translators who have been in the sector for years. I would like to thank you for giving us this opportunity and in particular for addressing this way the shortage of qualified translators.