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Translation Workflow and Procedure

At EDU Çeviri, we carry out the translation process meticulously with our experienced project managers and language experts with industry experience. In order to maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level with our quality-oriented translation services, we deliver your project only after completion of every step in the workflow.

Discover the processes that your project goes through at every stage of our workflows!

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Translation Workflow and Procedure

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Translation Request

Our clients send the original format to our project managers to receive a quote for their project.

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Project Analysis and Pricing

Our translation coordinators analyze the files and give the best quote to our customers.

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Quote Approval

Our project managers take over once the quote is approved.

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Task Delegation

Our project managers delegate tasks depending on the expertise required and manage the workflow.

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Our translators translate the documents and forward them to our editors.

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Our editors check the translated documents and make any necessary corrections.

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Quality Check

Our quality control experts perform QA checks of projects with 7 different tools.

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DTP check

Our DTP experts make the final design touches to the project.

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Our proofreaders review the translations in terms of readability and fluency, then forward the project to our translation coordinators.

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After all of these processes, the project is delivered to the customer in its original format without any errors.

gizlilik ve güvenlik    The entire workflow is managed in such a way as to protect the privacy and security of our customers.

bulut  We offer our customers the opportunity to track their project management processes online via our cloud-based systems.

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