Why EDU Çeviri?

Our Working Principles

With our corporate structure, corporate values and the services we provide, our main focus is always on the customer. At EDU Çeviri the entire process is carried out to the specifications and requirements of our clients. We prefer to keep in touch with our clients during the translation process, so that we are always in a position to apply prompt changes and keep pace with your ever-evolving ideas.

Experienced Translation Team

The experienced members of our translation team, who have been working together for many years, have a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration, especially when it comes to large projects. Each of our translators has his or her own field of specialization. After your documents are received, an appropriate translation team is assembled according to the volume of the job and its content, and the translation process is initiated.

Our production team is made up of 50 in-house specialists, more than 100 freelance translators contracted exclusively to EDU Çeviri, and over 1000 linguists worldwide working in various language pairs.

Quality Assurance

The translation process doesn’t simply end when the translator finishes his or her work. Instead, your documents go through a four-stage quality control process. Firstly, an experienced editor checks the translation for quality assurance. Any spelling mistakes, inconsistencies, terminological errors, omissions or issues regarding linguistic sense of meaning are immediately corrected. Next, a native speaker of the target language proofreads the text for fluency, straightening out any punctuation, style and cultural inaccuracies. The job then passes to our Quality Control Department for final checks. Finally, if there are any design flaws these are fixed by our Desktop Publishing Department.

EDU Çeviri has ISO 9001 certification and is the first translation company in Turkey to have the ISO 17100 Quality Certificate, the only globally recognized translation and localization management certification. We continue to work with our customer-focused approach and specialist team applying the appropriate quality control criteria so that we can provide you with outstanding translations. That’s how we can meet the expectations of our customers who prize quality above all else and understand that what we offer is not a cheap service, but a high quality one with EDU Çeviri assurance!

Translation Insurance Coverage up to $100,000

As Turkey’s first and only translation office to provide translation insurance we are able to offer our clients complete reassurance. To find out about the different services we provide for all our clients who sign annual contracts with us, please get in contact with our customer representatives.