Our Team

At EDU Çeviri we have a team of specialized professionals to manage our projects every step of the way. There are many stages involved in translating a document. That’s why we have a team of project coordinators on board liaising with our desktop publishing, editing and quality control teams to manage the entire process in the most effective way and ensure the finished product is delivered to you on time and to the best quality.

After your project is translated by a translator specialized in the relevant field, it is then edited and proofread by our experienced, native editors and quality control specialists.

This allows us to reduce errors to a minimum and to produce high standard work meeting any stylistic requirements you may have.

Besides this, we’re always making sure to stay one step ahead of technology, using the latest in-house translation software and organizing regular training for our freelance translators.

We are committed to producing the best translations possible with our team of 50 in-house specialists, 100 freelance translators working exclusively for EDU Çeviri, and over 1000 linguists worldwide.