Legal Translation

Translating legal terms and litigation cases from one language and from one culture to another can be a very challenging task. Within one language, law is a dense subject, a language in itself that must be constantly interpreted and updated. Laws and precedents change, vocabulary for litigation or crime is in constant flux, and the language of law, the arguments of law are what need to be translated succinctly, closely and effectively – effectively enough to win a case. International legal documents and verbal exchanges need international translators and interpreters, who you will find in our Edu Translation team.

Contracts, invoices, complaints, all of these jobs require accuracy on a global scale, especially in these times of financial crisis when businesses have to protect themselves while making vital business deals abroad. At Edu Translations, we guarantee that we can take care of these vital documents in order to make your international business in Turkey run smoothly, and to take away the strain of administration headaches. With our legal translation team you will not have to worry about the message you are trying to send, the point you are trying to make, or the legal requirements you are trying to fulfill. Submit your documents and let our experts go over them with finely tuned bilingual legal minds.