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We are glad to announce one more good news: ELG My Business Partner is now online! We have developed a new affiliate program for our sales partners who recommend EDU Çeviri to new clients in need of linguistic services and help us sign new service contracts.

Did you know that EDU Çeviri is now offering translation services for Deloitte, one of the largest audit, tax, consulting, risk management & financial advisory firms of the world? As with all the industries we are offering linguistic services for, we are providing our clients in audit and financial advisory sector with high quality finance translations at competitive rates as well.

We were awarded the translation service tender for DenizBank in March and we are extremely happy to support all their translation and localization needs in 2020 and 2021.

Our Immigration Services are one of the most urgently needed official translation services for documents that require fast and accurate notarized translation. At EDU Çeviri, we operate a quality-oriented business model to offer quality translation of immigration documents.

Green & Spiegel, a Canadian immigration and legal service, relies on EDU Çeviri for the translation of immigration documents!

We offer a wide range of translation services from contracts to course contents for İstinye University, which has opted for quality and professionalism with every academic translation.

We offer a wide range of translation services including academic texts, research studies, theses and educational materials for everyone who opts for quality and professionalism in every academic translation.

We support Mudo Concept, the most elegant purveyor of exquisitely designed decorative collections, through our translation services.

We offer catalogue translation services for the Mudo Concept brand, one of the leading names in the retail clothing and decoration sector.

In retail translation, we support you with our powerful language solutions that will resonate with your target group.

We support Ford Otosan, a global giant in the automotive sector, with our simultaneous interpretation and simultaneous interpretation system rental services!

For many years, we have been providing interpreting services to Ford Otosan, one of the leading names in the automotive industry co-founded by Ford Motor Company and Koç Holding.

In addition to our simultaneous interpreting services we offer via over 500 certified conference interpreters, we also provide support with simultaneous interpreting equipment.


We provide multimedia services such as localization, decoding, subtitle translation and voice-over for all kinds of video content such as in-house training videos, promotional videos and social media advertising videos for corporate giants such as Mapfre, Decathlon, PWC and IKEA. Click here for a glimpse into our multimedia services.

We translate the marketing catalogues of MESA, the architect of exclusive living spaces built in Istanbul’s most luxurious locations!

With our marketing translation, website localization and multilingual translation solutions for construction and engineering, you can achieve more effective results by speaking the same language with your target audience.

Thanks to our Memsource integration, a cloud-based translation platform, different linguists can work on the same project. We provide speed, consistency and quality using tools such as term banks and style guides, especially for large-scale projects. With our Memsource integration, we also offer our customers the opportunity to track their translation projects online.

EDU Çeviri, one of the leading translation agencies in the industry supports you with its professional translation management systems and third-party integrations.

We provide V-Count, an innovative company engaged in strategy development which collects customer behavior analysis data for physical stores, translation services that cover every project process for any content that feels the pulse of the retail sector.

V-Count is a company that offers innovative marketing solutions for brands that wish to enhance their marketing opportunities in accordance with a specific strategy in their physical stores.

EDU Çeviri offers multilingual solutions such as website content localization, social media content localization and marketing translation for V-Count.

To automate our translation management processes, we have collaborated with XTRF, one of the industry’s leading platforms! Facilitating the management of translation processes for our project managers, XTRF acts as a resource pool for our extensive network of translators around the world making life easier for them. Meanwhile, our customers can safely manage their financial records, analysis reports and other similar data concerning their projects, as well as details of their price quotes online using this system!

We offer translation solutions for all budgets in 2019!

Get a quote now to benefit from our quality-oriented and reliable translation services! Discover our three translation packages: BASIC, which is the fastest; GOLD, the most popular, and PRO, our most exclusive translation package!

At EDU Language Group, we are in the process of updating our websites to give our valued followers and customers quicker and more transparent answers to any questions about our services and to respond more effectively to meet our customers’ needs.

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HSBC – We go back years! 

In 2018, we extended our contract with HSBC to provide translation services to all HSBC departments.

HSBC, a subsidiary of The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, has relied on EDU Çeviri to provide high quality and accurate translation services for its banking and financial translation requirements since 2005.

We provide premium translation and localization solutions for all languages with our secure infrastructure, which is one of the most important requirements of businesses and banks, and our translation management systems, which save our customers time.

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We cannot get enough translations from Tadım! 

Tadım – Turkey’s leading packaged dried fruit and nuts brand since the 1970s, has naturally signed a service agreement with EDU Çeviri, its counterpart in the translation sector! This cooperation will taste delicious!

We offer meticulousness, a quality approach and reliable solutions for all food-specific translation needs such as item list and packaging translations, retail translations, marketing translations and localizations.

logo yazılım

Logo software writes the future and we translate it!

Logo Software, with 34 years of experience and offers services with more than 60 software solutions for every industry, has chosen EDU Çeviri for every single one of their localization projects from SMEs to private enterprises!

Logo Software, one of the leading names in software localization, provides innovative and creative software services to more than 200,000 companies in 4 countries and 7 different locations.

We offer Logo software multilingual support with our professional localization teams in the field of software localization. Website software localization and software localization is a highly technical and specialized field. With our professional localization teams, we offer precise localization solutions.

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With Segafredo coffee, translation is more fun

Segafredo – A favorite with coffee lovers and one of the most famous coffee brands to come out of Italy, aka the homeland of the perfect coffee, Segafredo has chosen EDU Çeviri for its translation projects! Quality coffee needs quality translation!

We support you with our packaging translations, translation of advertising and marketing texts in the context of our translation solutions for the food industry.


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Multilingual content localization solutions for Metglobal

MetGlobal is one of the world’s leading providers of groundbreaking technological solutions for travel, accommodation and business development with its brands such as otel.com, tatil.com, gezi.com, hotelsPro, Metglobal DMC and Metglobal Sourcing.

In addition to its technological solutions, Metglobal has set a record with 4 million overnight sales in 2014 with over 200,000 hotels and 20,000 different destinations in 190 countries. We are very happy to support the MetGlobal family on their journey.