Our globalized world poses its own set of challenges and needs in the translation industry as it is the case in every other business sector. In its traditional sense, the translation of a text, especially when it comes to legal, medical or technical documents, is about conveying the source text as truthfully as possible by using a specific terminology with little scope for interpretation. However, marketing and advertising text is written for a specific audience and consists of more organic and dynamic content.

Therefore, when it comes to the translation of a promotional text, the translator is required to produce a content with the target audience in mind, which appeals to the human nature and therefore needs some adjustment and in certain instances even a thorough reformulation. This is where creative translation or what we call transcreation enters the picture. What distinguishes transcreation from localization is that the content may be freely adapted and modified to get the message across.

From this point of view, transcreation is a special area of expertise, which goes beyond proficiency in the source and target language requiring creativity as well as an intimate familiarity with both respective cultures.