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jolly tur logosu

Tourism translations for Jolly Tur

Jolly Tur, the holiday-maker’s companion and a starting point for travelers, has chosen EDU Çeviri as its solution partner for all tourism translation needs. With a service contract signed in early 2017, EDU Çeviri became Jolly Tur’s official translation service provider.

Jolly Tour is one of Turkey’s leading tour companies. Our linguists, who are experts in the field of tourism, provide services for all types of texts such as websites and marketing materials.

goodyear logosu

Fast and high-quality translation service for Good Year

Good Year, one of the world’s largest tire manufacturers with 52 production facilities in 22 countries worldwide, around 69,000 employees and annual sales of USD 21 billion, chose EDU Çeviri as its translation service provider with a contract signed in early 2017!

Founded in 1889 in the United States, we are very pleased to serve the Good Year family! We provide service with our experienced language experts for the automotive industry.

mckinsey logosu

McKinsey chooses EDU Çeviri for their finance translation requirements

In 2017, we signed a contract with McKinsey, the world’s first management consultancy to provide translation support in all languages.

Financial translations provided to McKinsey and many other companies in every language is a specialty that requires dedicated application and a meticulous nature. One of our specialties, finance and business translations are much more secure now with our confidentiality agreements with third parties and our secure technological infrastructure!


arkas logosu

We use our translation expertise in foreign languages to help ARKAS Holding stride out into the world

Arkas Holding, one of the most important players in foreign trade, chose EDU Çeviri as its solution partner with a service contract signed in 2017!

Arkas Holding, which has a strong name on the international market, has 59 offices in 23 countries worldwide, 13 of which are located in Turkey, and operates in various sectors. The areas in which Arkas Holding is active cover a broad spectrum such as logistics integrating land, sea, iron and air transport, fuel, automotive, insurance and port management.

turkcell logosu

Turkcell speaks all languages via EDU Çeviri! 

2017 has started with a major contract! We became the language provider of Turkcell, Turkey’s largest GSM operator.

We are delighted to help speak the same language with Turkcell, Turkcell’s leading communications company with our fast, quality and secure solutions for telecommunications translations!

roche logosu

Roche, new developments in medical translation and life sciences translation

We have a brand-new customer that trusts us for translation of medical texts and it is Roche! With a contract signed in 2017, we provide translation solutions in all languages for the global giant Roche.

We offer our translation solutions for the healthcare sector through our trained and experienced language experts. Thanks to our diligence and approach to medical translations, we offer perfect, up-to-date and fast solutions.

burganbank logosu

Burgan Bank has chosen EDU Çeviri as its language solutions partner

Burgan Bank became our new business partner in the financial sector. Behind our expertise in financial translations is our dedication to quality, data protection and a safe infrastructure!

With over 2,500 linguists at EDU Çeviri, we offer fast and reliable translation solutions thanks to the translation technologies we use. There must be a good reason if the bank trust us with translation of financial texts!

inditex logosu

Inditex, a fashion-conscious retail translation agency

With more than 7,000 stores in 88 countries and 8 major brands, we provide services for Inditex, one of the world’s largest fashion retailers, for all its translation needs!

We offer reliable, fast and high quality language solutions in all languages for the retail industry. You can contact us to take advantage of our high quality services that are worthy of all Inditex brands.

asus masaüstü bilgisayar

ASUS Selects EDU Çeviri’s Professionalism for IT Translations 

EDU Çeviri is the new solution partner of the technology giant Asus!

With a new service contract, we will meet all of Asus’s translation needs. We select our experienced language experts for technology translations from our extensive network of over 2,500 translators and offer perfect services with our automation-based project management and quality processes.

takasbank logosu

Takasbank chooses EDU Çeviri as its language solutions partner 

Takasbank continues its activities with groundbreaking services aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the markets in Turkey and relies on EDU Çeviri for all its translation needs.

We are pleased to have another valued member in our client portfolio active in the banking sector that trusts our expertise in financial translation.

mavi arka plan üzerine beyaz iso logosu

ISO 17100 Quality Certification

We were the first translation agency to be awarded the ISO 17100 certificate by the Turkish Standards Institute for Processes, Resource Management and other Processes, to meet the quality standards and requirements required for translation services.

lc waikiki mağaza ve logosu

We are translating the world for LC Waikiki! 

In accordance with the agreement signed in 2014, we offer translation services for www.lcwaikiki.com in English, Arabic, Bosnian, French, Albanian, Kazakh, Romanian and Russian.

LC Waikiki began its journey in 1988 in France and has been a Turkish brand since 1997. Today, with 958 stores in 46 countries, the company offers retail services with a sustainable fashion approach.

mapfre sigorta

Mapfre chooses EDU Çeviri for its insurance translation needs

EDU Çeviri signs a contract with another major player! As 2015 began, MAPFRE Genel Sigorta, one of the largest insurance companies, decided to use our high-quality and reliable translation solutions!

We offer a high level of customer satisfaction with our flawless, high quality and reliable insurance translation solutions. With our confidentiality agreements and reliable infrastructure, we support many companies around the world in the areas of finance and insurance.

hayat kimya ve alt markaları

A fresh agreement with Hayat Holding

Hayat Holding trusts the EDU Çeviri brand for quality translations! We support Hayat with our solutions in fields like import and export, marketing and production.

Hayat Kimya has been operating in the home care, hygiene and sanitary paper sector since 1937, producing in 6 different countries and exporting to nearly 100 countries. Today, Hayat Kimya is one of the leading companies in this field.



Reliable translation service for Abbvie 

Called “Abbott” when it was founded in 1888, and restructured in 2013, AbbVie is a pioneer in pharmaceutical technology and healthcare services in the global healthcare sector that selected EDU Çeviri in 2016 as its translation needs solution partner.

We have embraced an uncompromising approach to quality and principles of customer satisfaction in our translation solutions, which we offer through our experienced language experts in the field of medical translation.

decathlon mağaza için logo

Fast and high-quality translation service for Decathlon

Decathlon, the international retail chain that brings together sports equipment of many different brands, chose EDU Çeviri for its translation requirements!

With the translation contract we signed with the Decathlon family in 2015, our experienced language experts high-quality language solutions are on offer for many different sports fields and in retail translation.

michelin logosu

Michelin, the leading tire manufacturer, chose EDU Çeviri, the leading brand in the industry.

Michelin from France, one of the pioneers of the international vehicle tire industry, has chosen EDU Çeviri as its translation service provider! We are looking forward to providing translation services to the Michelin family in 2015.

Rubber production, one of the rubber and petroleum products, is an important sector for the automotive industry. At EDU Çeviri, we offer professional translation solutions at every stage of production, from training to production, and marketing to retail.

tırsan logosu

We support Tırsan, the leading carrier brand of Turkey, with our linguistic solutions.

EDU Çeviri signed yet another contract with a major player as 2016 begins! Tırsan, the Turkish branch of Kässbohrer, the leading trailer manufacturer founded in 1893 and operating in 50 countries around the world, chose EDU Çeviri for its translation needs in every language.

Tırsan was founded in 1977 and is one of the pioneers of the Turkish trailer industry with investments in research and development, its global service network and service quality.