Our Vision & Our Mission

Our Vision :
EDU Çeviri’s vision is to combine the technology it has developed in the translation sector with its experienced team to make a name for itself globally as it has in Turkey and become a recognized brand.

We conduct our activities with the aim of using our translation services to strengthen our links on the international stage.

Our Mission : Our mission at EDU Çeviri is to preserve the significant volume of business flow that comes as a result of economic globalization, strengthened relationships between Turkey and Europe, and which is provided by European companies in the fields of translation and documentation.

Committing ourselves to our customers’ needs and satisfaction, EDU Çeviri endeavors to provide the perfect cross-language communication for its clients. At EDU Çeviri, we believe that our profitability is directly related to that of our customers. It is our hope that our high-quality, cost-effective services and trustworthy work ethic will contribute to their profitability.