Translation Services

  1. Sworn and Notarized Translations in All Languages:

    EDU Çeviri provides translation services for documents bearing statutory liability through its specialized and sworn translators.

  2. Maritime Industry Translations: Maritime industry documents are translated by our translators who are experts in this field.
  3. Commercial and Legal Translations: Our specialized translators provide translations of contracts, banking and financial transactions, commercial offers, various documents, international covenants, tenders, reports, feasibility studies, inquiries, meeting minutes, etc.
  4. Medical Translations: EDU Çeviri provides medical translation services in accordance with the Code of Medical Ethics through a team of professional staff specialized in the medical sector, many of them doctors themselves. We provide medical translation services in all fields of medicine, such as anesthesia, internal diseases, biostatistics, dentistry, pulmonology, cardiology, diagnostics, endoscopy, endocrinology, orthopedics, traumatology, public health, toxicology, and pathology. Our expert staff can meticulously render any kind of prescription, prospectus, brochure, catalog, user manual, and data into numerous languages, primarily English, German, French, Russian and Spanish.
  5. Technical Translations: Technical documents on any subject matter are translated by our specialized translators each with academic degrees in their particular field.
  6. Academic Translations: This particular service provides university academics and students with professional translations of their theses, assignments, and academic research, etc.
  7. Literary and Artistic Translations: Our expert translators are on hand for all your literary and artistic content.
  8. Book, Catalogue Brochure Translations: Books, magazines and catalogs with any content can be translated by our expert translation team.
  9. Website Translation: Our team made up of expert translators, graphic designers and programmers use state-of-the-art technology and software to translate your website with all of its graphical interfaces and content.
  10. CD/Casette Transcription: With this service we can transform any of your spoken files saved as sound recordings, onto cassettes, or other data storage units from events such as seminars and conferences into written documents.

EDU Çeviri Desktop Publishing Department

Masaüstü Yayıncılık ve Cat Araçlarımız Hizmetinizde

Desktop publishing services and CAT tools now at your service!

Desktop publishing (DTP) services enable your documents to be returned to you in exactly the same format you submitted them. Our DTP Department is made up of highly proficient professionals who are able to work on both PC and Macintosh platforms. Some of the biggest problems in our sector are formatting issues and page setting and layout flaws, but with our DTP Department focused on solving these, you don’t have to worry. Send your project in your chosen format and you’ll get it delivered back to you translated in exactly the same format and layout with none of those annoying formatting errors that so often crop up.

Supported Formats:

  1. MS Word
  2. MS Excel
  3. MS PowerPoint
  4. PDF
  5. Freehand
  6. InDesign
  7. CorelDraw
  8. Quark Express
  9. Photoshop
  10. Xml
  11. Sgml

CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) Tools

CAT stands for “computer assisted translation”. A CAT tool is a computer program that helps to translate text documents more efficiently and consistently via certain supporting components, such as translation memories. Thanks to these tools, translators can develop a memory bank of previously translated phrases that they can continually refer back to. During translation, if a match is found with a previously translated text or a similar sentence is found, the software suggests the previously translated version for consideration. The translator can then accept, edit or ignore the sentence as required. These systems also allow the translator to search the existing translation memory for new terminology, speeding up the translation process and preserving consistency.

With their many advantages, CAT tools play a highly important role in improving the quality and speed of translation.

Some of CAT Tools that are used by our translators include;

  1. SDL Trados
  2. SDLX
  3. Across
  4. MemoQ
  5. Transit
  6. Wordfast
  7. Idiom
  8. Catalyst
  9. Passolo
  10. Memsource

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